SharpSourcing – manages entire human resource process for clients all …

SharpSourcing – manages entire human resource process for clients all over the world. Our unique cutting edge technology driven service system offers momentous benefits to our clients in terms of maximum use of existing infrastructure, cutting-edge technology experience, reduced overhead, reduced management supervision, focus on primary goal of the company, better internal resource utilization and optimized information administration.

SHARP Sourcing’s unique and innovative approach helps clients to manage their projects in a seamless manner by giving them the flexibility to hire Indian web site designers and programmers on contract basis or on full time basis (FTE). They will be assigning the work to the remote resources they hire in India and shall have complete control of their work thus benefiting them to reduce their project cost by considerable amount since Indian resources are available at just a fraction of cost of what they are paying in their own countries.

SHARP Sourcing basically provides remote HR Services to its Clients across the world who require:

[1] Web design / Website Development – Designers and Programmers
[2] Website Design & Development Maintenance Support.

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