Sick Passenger Airlifted From Carnival Sprit Cruise Ship

September 22, 2009 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports a 63 year old man that became ill on the Carnival cruise ship Spirit had to be airlifted off of the ship by the U.S. Coast Guard.

According to reports Saturday afternoon the 11th Coast Guard District Command Center in Alameda California received a distress call from the Carnival Spirit that there was an ill passenger that the ship’s doctor believed his condition was becoming more serious. The Carnival Spirit physician stated that the man was critically in need of medication that the ship was running low on.

The Air Station at Barbers Point dispatched a C-130 long range search plane to air drop the needed medication to the ship that was approximately 200 miles northeast of Oahu. At the time of the airlift the cruise ship was approximately 100 miles from Oahu and the U.S. Coast. Guard sent a helicopter from Barbers Point.

The helicopter was an HH-65 with a medically trained crew to evacuate the ill passenger at approximately 5:40 p.m. He was transported to the Tripler Army Medical Center.

There has been no report of the 63 year old man’s condition and the type of medication the ship had run short of has not been released.  Ehline Law specializes in these types of cases.

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