Signal and System Experiment Board

Toronto, Canada -GAO Embedded ( recommends its signal & system experiment board that provides multiple analog and digital experiment modules. The board’s digital source is controlled by a DSP and Matlab software. The device connects via serial port to create a virtual oscilloscope for the display of wave forms and spectrums. Both the original and the processed waveforms can be viewed simultaneously. The device produces multiple types of waveforms such as sine, square or triangular waves.
This signal and system experiment instrument, model SSP2500, is configured with a JTAG interface used to complete digital signal processing (DSP) or BIOS experiments such as thread management and task scheduling and priority. Other experiment modules include FFT, IIR digital oscillator, AD sampling and integral and decimal arithmetic. The signal and system board is equipped with analog circuit function modules to perform experiments including in-phase amplifier, two low pass filters and an analog multiplier. This device is well suited for signal producing experiments, impulse response experiments and step response experiments of linear time-invariant systems to name but a few.
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