Simpson & Gold is the Premiere DUI Firm in the San Antonio Area – DUI San Antonio – Simpson & Gold has been providing excellent lawyer services to a large number of individuals for many years. Their ability to help individuals to get out of their DUI cases, or come to a happy medium, has made him a very popular option throughout the Dallas and San Antonio area. They have been able to deliver excellent results for clients in a wide variety of different cases, helping them to get the tarnishment that is a DUI off of the record. There many things that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking at hiring a DUI lawyer from, and you need to make sure that you were doing everything they possibly can to ensure that you receive the outcome that you deserve. A few of the services that Simpson & Gold provide to clients in order to help them to get their due share include;


Simpson & Gold specializes in helping individuals to get through their DUI infractions. This is something that many individuals have to deal with, and can have a lasting effect on their life. Oftentimes a DUI will show up on their record for many years, and hurt their ability to get a job, stay on their criminal record, and also hurt them in other areas of their life. It is also unfortunately one of the most often falsely accused offenses in the books. There are many things that can trigger a DUI, while the individual is not under the influence. You need to make sure that you hire in legal team that is going to be able to help you to deal with these problems in an efficient manner, and also make the right decisions for them. If you are in need of a San Antonio DWI Lawyer, Simpson & Gold can help you to get a positive result out of the situation, and to ensure that this is not going to have a negative affect on you for the rest of your life. As the premier San Antonio DWI Attorney firm, they have been able to help many individuals to take care of their DUI, efficiently, without having to worry about searching for legal representation on the matter.


Simpson & Gold also provides a number of traffic lawyer services, in an effort to help individuals that have been wrongly accused of traffic violations. If you are interested in getting rid of a high-priced traffic ticket, and having the proper legal representation in order to do so, Simpson & Gold can help you. They have been able to help hundreds of different clients to get their traffic tickets off of their records, and to have law enforcement be held accountable for false accusations that are often made.

Assault and Family Violence

Simpson & Gold also specializes in helping individuals that have assaulted family violence cases pending. If you are in need of a solid family violence lawyer, Simpson & Gold can help you to rectify the situation and ensure that you have a positive outcome from what is normally a truly stressful situation for many families. For more information visit them at

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