Single Income and Divorced: Becoming a “Sindie” in the 21st Century

Single Income and Divorced: Becoming a "Sindie" in the 21st Century 2



By Muna Saleem*  Once upon a time (although not that long ago) being a divorcee and trying to meet new significant others was extremely difficult, largely as a result of society’s perceptions of divorce, particularly being divorced and female.

However, opinions have changed dramatically in the last few decades and many women in their forties who have come out of a long-term marriage are enjoying their new-found freedom and getting back into dating. These women are sometimes referred to as “Sindies” which is a term with positive connotations of self-empowerment and living life to the full

Where does “Sindie” come from?

Sindie is essentially an abbreviation for “Single Income Now Divorced” which has become popularised in the press recently. Normally the term is used in relation to divorced women in their forties with children who are venturing into the dating scene and exploring their full potential. Although no separation is an easy process and all divorces come with stresses and strains, being single again can be very exciting.

Older women who know themselves better and are often more financially secure can actually find a much greater degree of enjoyment in meeting potential suitors.


Sindie-ism embraced by Hollywood

What do TV presenter Melanie Sykes, supermodel Heidi Klum and actress Liz Hurley all have in common?

They’re all successful divorced older women – in other words they’re all Sindies! Of course no one likes generalisations but the fact that these celebrities have been praised for their independent spirit gives encouragement to many women going through a divorce who may be wondering about their future happiness. The fact is that the historical taboos surrounding divorce have – at least in the Western world – pretty much vanished. Furthermore, because women are on a more equal footing with men in terms of careers, getting divorced often has less of a financial impact on day to day life.

A new chapter in life

Rather than feeling full of anxiety and insecurity following a separation, singledom can be extremely liberating. Old routines are abandoned and interesting new adventures can take their place. Of course, it may be useful to ask a friend who is more accustomed to new world of dating to help you to re-acquaint yourself with the scene. The effective use of online dating in particular can have a steep learning curve, but once you get used to it you’ll be back in your stride in no time at all, enjoying all that life has to throw at you.


Author Bio: Muna Saleem is an associate solicitor with British Family Law Firm, Crisp & Co and an accredited member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. She practices in all areas of private family law including divorce and financial remedy applications, financial settlements, cohabitee disputes, as well as children matters such as Child Arrangement Orders and international relocation applications. You can connect with her or any of Crisp & Co’s other solicitors on Twitter.

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