Sky-High Drama As London Lawyer’s Helipad Plans Ruffle Feathers in Sleepy Village

Sky-High Drama As London Lawyer's Helipad Plans Ruffle Feathers in Sleepy Village

High-profile London lawyer Mayus Karia has ignited a dispute with the residents of Durley, Hampshire, due to his plans to frequently use a helipad at his £1.3 million home. Karia, a well known litigator has obtained permission to build the helipad with restrictions on personal use trips, according to a report in The Times.

Hoe has sought unrestricted use to accommodate visits from his billionaire clients, including high-profile Americans who require helicopter travel for consultations at his Winchester home.

Karia has boasted of his ‘sixth sense’ about litigation and has garnered a reputation as both a ferocious and effective litigator. He works from both his London office at London Litigation Partnership as well as from his lavish home.

His website indicates that Maya (also known as ‘Mike’ or ‘Mushi’) is able to deal with a wide range of matters from Murder, to Emergency/Urgent Judicial Review/Injunction applications in the High Court and Claims valued well into 7 figures.

The firm site also says he provides his services without ‘pomp or ceremony’ but at a Rolls Royce level and charging around £1,200 an hour.

Local villagers, with a population of about 1,000, have expressed objections to the potential disruption caused by the frequent helicopter flights.

Some argue that the village is already close to Southampton International Airport and a small airfield in Lower Upham, just miles away. Concerns include disturbances to pets, livestock, and tranquility in the rural area. Those against the plans argue that there are alternative sites for helicopter landings nearby.

Other upset locals have said Mr Karia ‘thinks he owns Durley’ having only moved in October 2021 and already built a basketball court in the home which also boasts a 30ft detached pool house.

Amidst the objections, the local parish council has also opposed the unrestricted use, emphasizing the importance of preserving residents’ tranquility. Nevertheless, Karia’s agent claims that the flexibility of unrestricted landings is necessary for accommodating irregular visits from his high-profile clients.

While some locals have acclimated to air traffic, others are concerned about potential disturbances to their daily lives, with farmers worrying about livestock reactions, and residents valuing the quiet surroundings.

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