Slater & Gordon Move London Offices Home Permanently

Slater & Gordon Move London Offices Home Permanently 2
Slater & Gordon Move London Offices Home Permanently 3

Australian-based Slater and Gordon is to permanently close its London office with its staff working from home from September following the expiry of the London office lease.

The move focuses increasing attention of law firms on their future office requirements. The move from Slater & Gordon foreshadows a review of its other offices in the UK.

The London move will see the firm finding smaller office space for meetings.

“Today we have announced to our staff that we won’t ever go back to how we worked before COVID,” the firm’s Chief Executive David Whitmore said.

He added, “When we do look to return to our offices they won’t look like they used to and colleagues will be encouraged to continue working remotely for the majority of the time. Working smart is better for everyone.”

Whitmore said that the firm’s offices are likely to run to just 35% capacity while social distancing restrictions remain. Staff will be provided with multiple screens if they are needed and homes fitted with comfortable office equipment.

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