Snoring Lawyer Apologizes to Court

Snoring Lawyer Apologizes to Court 2

A top Australian Queens Counsel, particularly one who charges up to $10,000 a day, can charge for many things, but snoring in Court is not one of them.

David Tait QC fell asleep during an inquest into a race car driver’s death yesterday, resulting in his apology to the Court when he explained that a recent knee operation had made it difficult for him to sleep at night.

“I wish to apologise to your honour personally and to the court and to my professional colleagues at the bar table,” he told the Court.

The QC drifted off to sleep in the late morning on the second day of the inquest into the death of race car driver Sean Edwards, the son of former Formula 1 driver Guy Edwards, who was killed when the Porsche in which he was a passenger hit a wall at Willowbank racetrack while travelling at 220km/h. 

Mr Tait, who closed his eyes while sitting at the bar table, is representing Mr Edwards’ London-based family, who have been listening in via Skype.

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