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SPARTANBURG, S.C., April 30 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — The following
statement is in response to a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination filed
against the Denny’s franchise restaurant at 401 SE 1st Ave. in Florida City,
Florida, stemming from a January 11, 2004 visit:

“We take claims of discrimination very seriously at Denny’s. We long ago
adopted a Zero Tolerance approach to such incidents. If we find that any
allegation of discrimination has merit, we take swift and forceful action.

We are equally forceful in our approach to discrimination policies,
procedures and employee training. Denny’s commitment to the advancement of
cultural and racial diversity and inclusion is well established. Our Chief
Diversity Officer, Ray Hood, who has guided our procedures for more than a
decade, has helped Denny’s achieve wide recognition by civil rights leaders
and national news media as a leader and role model, a place where diversity is
embraced and celebrated. We often are consulted by businesses seeking to
improve the way they address discrimination issues.

For that reason it is especially painful when persons make accusations
against Denny’s that have no basis in fact. Just as we have been forceful in
the creation and implementation of our approach to this issue, we are doubly
vigorous in our defense against such spurious claims that injure the
reputation not only of our company, but the people who work hard every day to
make Denny’s one of America’s favorite family restaurant chains.

In the case of the lawsuit brought against our franchisee in Florida, the
allegations have been found to be baseless.

In accordance with our strict approach to claims of this type, we
commissioned an immediate and thorough investigation by an independent,
outside agency with experience investigating such allegations for the United
States Department of Justice. That investigation found no evidence whatsoever
to support these allegations. The facts proved no deterrent to plaintiffs who
perceived an opportunity for financial gain.

As a result, we intend to aggressively challenge the accusations. We are
confident when all of the facts are presented that Denny’s will be vindicated.
We have great confidence in the programs we have developed and installed
over the past decade. We are certain their value and effectiveness will be
borne out when the facts in this case are presented in court.”

Nelson J. Marchioli
Chief Executive Officer and President
Denny’s, Inc.

Denny’s is America’s largest full-service family restaurant chain with
more than 1,600 locations in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Guam,
Mexico, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. The company’s stock is traded under the
ticker “DNYY” (OTC Bulletin Board: DNYY), and additional information is
available on Denny’s Web site at

Web Site:

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