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SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Sept. 3 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network — The Illinois State Bar Association and its charitable arm, the Illinois Bar Foundation, have launched
a cooperative effort to help rebuild the legal infrastructure in the states
devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The Association’s 30,000 members, other
lawyers and the public are encouraged to make financial contributions to the
“Illinois Bar Foundation — Katrina Legal Relief Fund” for the purpose of
assisting bar association efforts in the affected states.

“After the immediate task of rescue and human relief, it will be up to the
legal community to ensure the continuation of a justice system that provides
fair and compassionate relief for the shattered lives left in the wake of the
storm,” said Robert K. Downs, Chicago, president of the Illinois State Bar
Association. “We must recognize that, ultimately, it will be the legal system
and lawyers who will restore order out of chaos.”

Donations received will be forwarded in their entirety to charitable
foundations of the bar associations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and
Florida, and earmarked for hurricane relief efforts. Bar association
foundations in those states are committed to improvements in the
administration of justice.

“We understand and applaud the fact that lawyers will be generous in their
donations to the Red Cross and other human relief agencies,” said Russell K.
Scott, Belleville, president of the Illinois Bar Foundation. “In addition to
supporting those needs, we recognize there will be a tremendous need for money
to ensure a justice system is in place to deal with untold legal issues that
will arise for hurricane victims.”

Donations can be made by check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American
Express). By mail: Illinois Bar Foundation, 424 South 2nd Street, Springfield,
IL 62701; by phone (credit card): 1-800-252-8908; or at the Web site:
http://www.isba.org. Checks should be made out to: Illinois Bar Foundation
— Katrina Legal Relief Fund.

Downs called on other state and local bar associations to similarly
recognize that “we, as associations, are in a unique position to address the
needs of our fellow organizations in the affected areas.”

Contributions to the Illinois Bar Foundation are fully tax-deductible. The
Foundation’s purposes include support for the administration of justice. For
other information about the Foundation, visit http://www.isba.org/ibf/.

Web Site: http://www.isba.org

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