ST. LOUIS, June 17, 2004 – LAWFUEL – Energizer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE…

ST. LOUIS, June 17, 2004 – LAWFUEL – Energizer Holdings, Inc.
(NYSE: ENR) announced that yesterday, June 16, a German Patent Court indicated
that it was prepared to deny Gillette’s motion for preliminary injunction
against the manufacture and sale of Schick Wilkinson Sword’s (SWS) Quattro(R)
and Intuition(R) razors in Germany, based upon the merits of the infringement

Immediately thereafter, Gillette withdrew the motion, although the
infringement claims are still subject to full trial on the merits at a later
date. Gillette had alleged that SWS was infringing three of its patents with
the Quattro handle, the Intuition shower caddy, and the shape of the skin
conditioning solid and blade configuration of the Intuition cartridge.
“We are pleased with the outcome and our continued success in defending
our products against charges from Gillette,” said Joseph Lynch, President,
Schick Wilkinson Sword. “It confirms that SWS has developed truly innovative
products through the use of its own proprietary concepts. SWS will continue
to provide innovative products to consumers, and we are confident that we will
prevail when the allegations of patent infringement are heard at the full

Schick Wilkinson Sword, a division of Energizer Holdings, Inc.
(NYSE: ENR), is the second largest manufacturer of wet shave products in the
world. Quattro, the world’s first 4-bladed razor, was launched in Germany in
September 2003 and as of April 2004, has achieved an 11.3% razor value share
in that market. In addition, Quattro also won the German Red Dot Design
Innovation award for 2004 and was named the number two most successful overall
product in 2003 by the United States’ Advertising Age Magazine. Intuition, the
world’s first all-in-one razor for women, was launched in Germany in April
2004, has achieved a 27.8% razor value share in that market as of April 2004,
making it the number one selling razor. Additionally, Intuition was the first
razor ever to win the prestigious Cosmetic Executive Women’s Beauty Award in
the United States in May 2004.

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