Stand-Off Systems – The New Picture Frame

Almost every house could use a little something to make it yours, and most businesses would benefit from adding a little decoration to their offices. Standoff systems are a simple step in the right direction. Many applications are possible, and standoffs come in many varieties and functions. Standoffs can be used to mount pictures and displays between two or more pieces of glass or acrylic, create floating counter-tops, protect your artwork, or your television. The variations of colors add to displays. And if your application requires a standoff that is unobtrusive, low profile parts exist.

Mounting Displays Has Never Been Easier or More Attractive

The simplest and most common application of standoff systems is mounting displays. Standoff systems can be used for almost any size display, and though the most common standoff systems have a maximum length of 6 inches, custom standoff systems are relatively simple to manufacture. Simple standoff systems are designed to hold one or two panels flat against each other. Sheets of paper, canvas, or other display materials may be displayed in this manner. Other standoff systems may hold multiple panels, for more three-dimensional artwork. Panels are secured by the standoff cap mounting into the base. While standoffs are sometimes used as edge-grips so that drill glass is not necessary, this is not a safe method of mounting glass. For any application that prohibits the drilling of display panels, specialized hardware exists, but standoff systems should not be used.

Different materials are used for standoff systems, based on application. Plastic standoff system exists, and many multi-panel standoff systems are made of plastic. Plastic is a lightweight material, however, and most plastic standoffs are limited to under 30 lbs loads. Every successive panel in a multi-panel standoff system must be lighter, with load limits decreasing rapidly. Aluminum standoff systems are far more sturdy, and can bear loads of up to 60 or 70 lbs or more. Brass and stainless steel standoff systems are used for the heaviest panels and largest displays. Proper anchoring of standoff systems is always advise, and it is recommended that any standoff system is mounted into wall studs wherever possible.

Standoffs – They Go Well With Anything

Standoff systems also have a place in the kitchen. Many people wish to erect floating counters, which are pieces of glass mounted on standoffs spaced above a regular kitchen counter. These add a flair to any kitchen, and sand-blasted glass, sometimes with designs, accentuates the décor of the rest of the home. Floating counter-tops are the perfect solution for kitchen counters that are too low, and since the glass panels are mounted horizontally instead of vertically, weight limits are far less of a factor, and a single panel can be used to cover an entire counter.

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