Statutory Rules and Personal Injury Laws in California – Saving You From The Pain of Injury

Statutory Rules and Personal Injury Laws in California – Saving You From The Pain of Injury 2

Guest Post – Although it is a fact that mishaps have become a bit too commonplace in our lives, yet that doesn’t detract you from the confusion and pain that can result due to an injury or an accident to your loved one or family member.

If you make the decision of taking a step forward to protect and safeguard your legal rights post injury, you might have a number of questions and doubts regarding the cases of personal injury in your state, California.

You have to learn about the times limits to file, the compensation that is available, the liability and fault rules and many more. The concerns of this article will give you an overview of few laws related to California that might impact a settlement or lawsuit post injury or accident.

Personal injury lawsuits in California – The time limits

Different states sets different limits on the amount of time within which you have to reach the court and file a lawsuit after you’ve suffered from some kind of harm or injury and this law is known as the SOL or the statute of limitations. There are various deadlines in accordance with the kind of case that you’re filing.

In California, for personal injury accidents, the statute of limitations that is given to an injured person is 2 years from the date of injury. Within these 2 years, you can reach out to the court and file a suit against the person/persons whom you hold responsible.

If you fail to do so within 2 years, the court will refuse to hear your case. On the other hand, if the claim is against a government agency or a city or a county, the time limit is 6 months.

Liability cases for dog bite or attack cases in California

There are many states in America where the dog owners are safeguarded from the liability of injury that may arise when they suffer from dog bite for the first time.

This is often known as the “one-bite” rule. However, in California, there a particular statute that makes the dog owner “strictly liable” which means that the dog owner is legally obliging in most situations where his dog bites someone and no amount of negligence can be shown.

A look at the set of limitations on injury damages in California

Have a look at some California laws that sets a restraint on the amount of damage that can be recovered in personal injury cases.

No non-economic suffering and pain damages for the uninsured drivers. As per the California law, most uninsured drivers are prevented from recovering non-economic damages post an accident even when the other driver is entirely at fault. Non-economic damages include things like suffering and pain, physical impairment or disfigurement.

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