Stephen David Royds of Los Angeles Pleads Guilty To Drugs

According to various media reports, Steven David Royds of Los Angeles has pleaded guilty in a plea bargain agreement and was sentenced to 4 years in jail. He must have had a good defense attorney because he could have recieved a lot more, considering the fact that the body of his female friend turned up in a plastic container at this residence. It seems he was arrested while residing at the Fairmont Newport Beach Hotel and upon searching his apartment the body of his girlfriend Monique Felicia Trepp was found in a plastic container.

It appears that the criminal defendent in this case entered his guilty plea at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, and it has been reported that he had virtually no choice but to go with the plea agreement in question here or he could serve as many as 9 years in jail for selling coke according to the prosecutor on the case, Jeff Levy. Furthermore, the plea agreement in question will insist that the defendent will register as a criminal drug offender.

All in all, the particular criminal charges here came largely or entirely from a key police informant who apparently claimed that he was purchasing the coke in a pub known as the Classic Q, which is located within the Newport Beach area. This led to the search of Royds apartment and the discovery of Trepp’s body. More information can be found at Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney News.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the criminal defendent in this case was not considered a suspect for murder because the autopsy investigation clear showed that the victim overdosed on alcohol and coke in the time just before her tragic fatality. It is also thought by the authorities that he did not report the death due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest since he greatly feared incarceration.

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