Stop Drinking and Riding Your Motorcycle, or Die

Most California motorcycle accident attorneys will tell you that DUI’s and motorcycles. Not a good combination. Considering the high speed and poor braking abilities of most of the motorcycles on the market, it is a good idea not to drink and ride. Almost ½ of all deaths while riding a motorcycle are due to drinking and riding.

Statistics show that the average motorcycle rider has only 2 seconds to react to sudden changes in road conditions. If the rider has been drinking, he will virtually have no chance to avoid an accident at all if a vehicle pulls out in front of him or a dog or cat darts across the road at the last minute.

Most Los Angeles motorcycle accidents and in other cities, happen within a few miles from home and more often than not involve a collision with a passenger vehicle or pick up truck. Some riders think a beer or two will not have any affect on their riding abilities. Sadly, many of them learn the hard way that just one beer can affect reaction time while riding a motorcycle. Stop drinking and riding your motorcycle or die.

California law states that driving with a blood alcohol level of over .08 is drunk driving. DUI’s and motorcycle laws really should have lower blood alcohol levels. But the law is the same whether riding a motorcycle or driving a car.

Orange County Motorcycle accident attorneys in cities like Santa Monica , Los Angeles or Anaheim , are experienced in motorcycle laws and the recourse to motorcycle personal injury compensation. If a passenger is riding on the back of the motorcycle, they will be entitled to representation and claims of their own when they suffer injury.

Although it seems innocent enough, going out for a few drinks while riding a motorcycle can end in disastrous results. The guy that thinks it’s a good idea to impress his first date by taking her out for a drink or two on his new motorcycle, may end up learning it is better they don’t drink and ride.

It is also quite common for many young motorcyclists to fantasize they can out run the police on their motorcycle. Having had a few drinks and then riding can bring about them putting this fantasy into action. One look at police lights behind them can set them off on a high speed chase, thinking they can outrun the police, they may sadly end in a crash. Many motorcycle accidents have been known to happen this way. Alcohol seriously impairs good judgment. Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers have experience in defending these types of cases also.

If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, the first step to take after medical care is to call your Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Ehline Law. There are experienced Orange County motorcycle attorneys that can be reached at 888-400-9721.

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