Why Stress? Stress Management for Life Program to Help Lawyers and Others

Why Stress? Stress Management for Life Program to Help Lawyers and Others 2

A new stress management program developed by two Australian doctors – Stress Management for Life – is being used by many to develop customized, stress control programs to relieve the stress that afflicts them.

The program, developed by husband-and-wife medicos, Drs John and Judy Hinwood, who are internationally recognized as leaders in stress management techniques, have outlined the key elements to containing and dealing with stress.

A free report released by the doctors outlines the nine, key steps taken towards relieving stress for anyone – lawyers, included.

The 9 point program includes:

1. Push the “pause” button. Take a break and relieve your stress. That includes resting until you see things with more clarity.

2. Putting your worries into the ‘big green rubbish bag’. The doctors outline how you can do that daily and then spend some time doing something you love. It’s simple but highly effective. You can read more here:

3. Visualization & Imagery. There is real force and energy in our ‘mind pictures’ and the doctors ouline how these can be used to refresh the mind and use the huge resources in our minds properly.

4. Rub out and ‘shrink’ stress. These unique techniques are able to use the mind to effectively remove or shrink the fears and stresses that are preying upon us. It reduces even major fears and anxiety to a tiny size by properly using the techniques.

5. Feeling Your Feelings and Meditation. Two different, but nevertheless complementary tools that permit the body to reduce stress easily and with comfort. Meditation has long been a major source of stress-relieve as well as accruing a host of health-enhancing benefits. The techniques outlined here are major stress-relievers that can be used by over-stressed lawyers, business people or anyone else.

Stress relief plan of action.

The plan of action is a small step they provide to use the right tools for you and your lifestyle and personality type.

The details can be seen when the free, nine-step program is read here.

Who are the Hinwood Experts?

John-Judy-HinwoodDrs John and Judy Hinwood have been coaching and mentoring chiropractors and other health practitioners and business owners in 8 countries internationally since 1991. The two are  Certified Life Coaches and hold Certificate IV Stress Management Practitioner, Certificate IV Business and Certificate IV Training & Assessment qualifications.

They are also the authors of fourteen published bestselling books and many video and audio training programs, including their “Stress Management for Life” program.

They started their “stress to Strength” program at the beginning of 2013 and started to present the Stress to Strength Experience workshop. In early 2014 they launched the Stress Management Institute and started presenting the Stress Manager Facilitator training and the Certificate IV Stress Management Practitioner training.

Those interested in the Stress Management for Life free report should click here for the report.

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