The Personal Injury Attorney’s Viral Super Bowl Ad

super bowl viral ad for lawyer

Everyone advertising anywhere wants nothing more than a viral advertisement – or a Super Bowl viral advertisement.  But how does a lawyer do it?  A short video from personal injury attorney Jamie Casino has done so, with heavymetal music and words from the Old Testament.

Casino calls his video “the most metal personal injury commercial of all time,” by Deadspin.


“I’m Jamie Casino. You may have seen some of my personal injury commercials on TV,” his narration begins in the commercial. “I wasn’t always a personal injury lawyer.”



The video contains some interesting material, to be sure, including a reference  to the shooting death of his brother-in-law Michael Biancosino and Emily Pickels over Labor Day weekend in 2012. Last month, Walter Terry Moon was indicted for their murder and related charges.

See the Jamie Casino ad below:

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