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Sydney 10 August, Legal news, law news, law firm news & research at LAWFUEL The appointment of Clayton Utz as legal advisers to the New South Wales Government for the high-profile rail carriage project further reinforces the law firm’s expertise in public private partnership (PPP) activity.

The Rail Corp project is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion; and involves a PPP between the Government and the private sector for the finance, design and construction of 498 new train carriages to replace existing, non-air conditioned carriages by 2010.

Mr Doug Jones AM, one of Australia’s leading construction and PPP lawyers said Clayton Utz has a long and successful history of advising governments particularly the NSW state government on major infrastructure projects.
The NSW appointment follows previous advisory roles to the (then) State Rail Authority (now Rail Corp) for its previous new train procurements, namely the Millennium, Hunter Cars and Outer Suburban Cars.

Clayton Utz is highly experienced in the use of PPPs in both economic and social infrastructure projects and has advised on some of Australia’s (and the Asia Pacific region’s) largest PPP projects. The firm has also played an integral role in the formulation of some Australian states’ current PPP policies and is involved in the current PPP debate, frequently presenting and publishing papers on the topic.

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