The Teenage Heirs, a $1Billion Fortune and the Once-Bankrupt Lawyer

The Teenage Heirs, a $1Billion Fortune and the Once-Bankrupt Lawyer 2

Tobacco heiress Doris Duke left a lot of money when she died – over $1 billion in fact – and it has now been left with a once-bankrupt lawyer who lost over $4.5 million of client money in a venture that was connected to a Ponzi scheme, according to the New York Post.

The Post reported that the lawyer, Utah attorney Billie Crocker, was named as the conservator of the inheritance left by Ms Duke to 16 year old twins Georgia and Walker Inman.

Daisha Inman, 54, the twins’ mother and a former stripper was caught trying to spend her kids’ money on multimillion-dollar homes, gold coins and a trip to Las Vegas, court records say.

Crocker is authorized to bill $250 an hour for safeguarding the cash, which the teens can’t collect until they turn 21.

She’s supposed to set a budget for the twins, oversee their trust funds and collect receipts from their mom, the fourth wife of their dad, a Duke nephew who died of a meth overdose in 2010.

In a court order naming Crocker, 59, the conservator of Duke’s estate, Summit County (Utah) District Judge Ryan Patrick noted she had submitted a certificate of good standing from the Utah State Bar.

But there’s no mention of Crocker’s money woes, or that she got immunity to testify against fraudster Wayne Ogden, who bilked investors out of $15 million in a real estate scam.

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