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<a href= – Legal Jobs Online – James Bond’s Quantum of Solace has hit the screen with the usual Bond hoopla, but maybe in all the action there is some tips for those law job seekers who are shaken, but not stirred by the current legal market.
The legal jobs market continues to create some major opportunities as well as challenges – the sort of thing Bond himself may find challenging, but where there are some tips for lawyers seeking a good law firm.

Let’s examine some of them.

First – 001, if you like – Got an MI6 CV? Have you updated the CV lately? Have you considered what your skills are since your last job. Remember skill sets change and so do job requirements. M&A work may have been yesterday’s boon, but its restructuring, litigation and insolvency now. Have you morphed? Or do you need some ‘special effects’ from Q?

Second – 002 – Which location do you want to go to? You may need to move if you want a top job these days. London’s cooling unless you’re immersed in the Lehmans bankruptcy or one of the bailout deals. Do you want to head towards the Mid-East, Asia? Be prepared to pack the sunnies and move.

Third – 003 – Action orientated? You need to be able to move fast. The world has never changed as fast as it is now so be ready to move with it. If that means physical, professional and even emotional growth and development then do whatever it takes. If you want the job, you have to be ready for action!

Fourth – 004 – Front up to the villain. At LawFuel (<a href= Legal Jobs Online ) we’ve seen and heard a lot about people who have yet to confront their professional demons – firms they loathe, work they detest, personal attributes that create self-loathing. Deal with them. You can’t work with negative energy. Kill the villain.

Fifth – 005 – The Bond girl. Work’s not all, well, work. You need to play a bit as well. Consider your family. Maybe you just wasn’t to give the law away if it’s getting too hard. Maybe you’ve got a Bond girl or guy with you who simply earns more than you and like the job better. Go with the flow. Chill. Ease up and consider the various options before you.

Sixth – 006 – The Happy Ending. It may be ironic. It may be laconic. But whatever you do, don’t make it morbid. Make sure you’re working towards career satisfaction whatever the circumstances. That means taking stock of your whole being – an holistic approach towards your life and job.

Seven – that’s 007. A good year ’07, relatively speaking, but it’s not shaping up so well for 08. So make sure you’re doing the very best you can wherever you are and whenever you can. You’re going to win, you know that, but try and do it in style. Respect yourself, and your employer. So long as you have one.

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