The alleged “terror doctor” Mohamed Haneef, who had terrorism charges …

The alleged “terror doctor” Mohamed Haneef, who had terrorism charges against him in Australia dropped, claims he was victimised by Australian authorities.

The Age reports that Doctor Mohamed Haneef, who returned home to India today after a terrorism-related charge against him was dropped, says he was “victimised” by the Australian authorities.

Dr Haneef spent more than three weeks in detention in Australia on one count of “reckless” support for a terrorist group, but the charge was dropped on Friday and he was later released.

Dr Haneef flew into the southern Indian city of Bangalore late today and was whisked from the airport to be reunited with his wife and to see his one-month-old child for the first time.

“It’s an emotional moment being with my family at home after a long wait of 27 days,” he read from a short statement.

“I was victimised by the Australian authority and the drama played by the Australian Federal Police.”

The freed doctor was received by joyous relatives at his home, which was decorated with flowers and special lights. Indian officials said Dr Haneef would be offered a job in a Bangalore hospital.

Before leaving Brisbane, he said he had never been a terror threat and that even police investigators did not know what to ask him during his detention.

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