The Big Law Firm Partner Who Took Transparency To A Whole New Level

The Big Law Firm Partner Who Took Transparency To A Whole New Level

An Allen & Overy partner’s intimate encounter with a staffer was one that set up the unwanted viral phenomenon driving the firm’s PR side crazy, no doubt, and driving the partner to post his resignation letter.

The video was going about WhatsApp with the footage explained by legal blog RollOnFriday where the A&O partner’s antics were caught through a large window facing the popular Spitalfields Market, not the most appropriate location for in-office liaisons.

As RoF notes

The camera zooms in to show a younger woman embracing the older, white-haired partner, who, in broad daylight, in a glass-fronted office, which opens onto a London market, proceeds to merrily move through the bases while rubbing against her.

“Oh. My. God”, remarks the cameraman, who spared audiences the worst of it by slapping a Parental Advisory sticker over the cursed footage before releasing it online. “Watch his hands, look at his hands”, mutters his companion.

A&O noted that the unnamed partner is out of a job. as RollOn Friday says, he was “permitted to resign”:

But the cost has been high for the partner, who was not supposed to be in the office at the time, and was definitely not supposed to be in the office breaching social distancing guidelines by fumbling at a youngster, and was absolutely not meant to do it all on Instagram.

Once news of his indiscretion reached the wider partnership, he was permitted to resign.

A spokesperson for Allen & Overy made the following comment –

“The video depicts inappropriate workplace conduct which is not in line with our Code of Conduct. The matter has been investigated and addressed in line with the firm’s internal processes.”

Transparency in office conduct is one thing, but transparent office windows displaying inappropriate conduct is a step too far.

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