The Dog Bite Lawsuit Risks To Avoid

The Dog Bite Lawsuit Risks To Avoid 2

A recent report from dog tech website DogSFX noted that in the United States there are around 4.5 million incidents involving dog biting alone, a figure that includes about 400,000 children.


One legal source reported that in 2019 there were close to $800 million settled in dog bite claims with 17,800 claims (an average cost of almost $45,000.)

Nearly 1,000 people nationwide go to the emergency room for a daily dog bite injury. In 2018, about 27,000 people needed reconstructive surgery to address a dog bite.

A recent report from a Chicago law firm involving two girls attacked by a dog on a walk to school resulted in an award of $120,000 in compensation for their injuries, which was $20,000 above the applicable insurance policy limits.

The need to know the law around dog biting and to take steps to ensure you avoid the potential loss of your dog and substantial penalties are important for any dog owners.

DogSFX report that there are leash laws and similar legal requirements that are designed to prevent bad behavior from dogs.

Dog bite laws vary from one state to the next, but regardless of the state your are in you, as owner, remains liable for any injury or damage the results from a dog bite incident. Sometimes there is a strict liability situation which imposes a stricter obligation on any owner knowing a dog may bite or has a propensity to bite.

Insurance policies, either homeowners or renters insurance policies can manage dog bite liability issues and you can get payouts up to around $300,000, depending on the insurance liability limits that are set.

An insurance company will often settle any case that arises, just as they would in any personal injury claim, but protect yourself by having some insurance that can give you the necessary peace of mind should this be something that you consider necessary.

About DogSFX:  Dog technology devices and tools continue to evolve for dog owners seeking to provide a safe and secure environment for their animals. reports on the latest dog devices, toys and technology on the market.

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