The Law, The Social Media and the Stars – Michael Jackson, Stacey Dash, Demi Moore – the Courts Rule – It has been a busy week for the lawyers and the Judges in Hollywood as the Michael Jackson-related trial of Dr Conrad Murray.

The trial of Conrad Murray is the first of its kind to confront head-on the issues relating to social media, which presents issues for Judge Michael Pastor, who is doing his best to avoid the media – the social media in particular – from trying him by social media and reducing the legal trial to a farce.

Apart from the serious issues facing the legal system in the Conrad Murray trial, there have been other legal issues this week.

A judge has grant Stacey Dash her divorce from actor Emmaneul Euereb, who she claims beat her up.

The social media has also been all over the Ashtun Kutcher and Demi Moore split, particularly as the couple have around 12 million Twitter followers between them.

The social media and law is confronting some major issues this week, which will only get worse as the two continue their arms-length wrestle for dominance.

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