The ‘Metaverse’ – Why Lawyers Are Drawn to the Seductive Metaverse

The 'Metaverse' - Why Lawyers Are Drawn to the Seductive Metaverse 2

Reed Smith release their Metaverse White Paper On The Technology Transforming How We Connect

If there is anything we have learned from the global pandemic, it is that people crave connection.

The 'Metaverse' - Why Lawyers Are Drawn to the Seductive Metaverse 3

This has made the concept of a global metaverse attractive, with the capacity to transform the way we work, play and socialize. While the growth and adoption of the metaverse will raise age-old legal questions, it will also generate a number of unique legal and regulatory obstacles that need to be overcome.

A multi-disciplinary team of lawyers at Reed Smith have compiled a simple, user-friendly guide to the unique legal issues that the rise of the metaverse will create.

The Metaverse White paper:

By nature, lawyers are curious creatures, always eager to learn and react to new ways of doing things. The law is mostly precedential, built on a
foundation of prior experience; the result of centuries of human transactions and behavior and the reactions and influence of governments and lawmakers.

The concept of the metaverse is, therefore, naturally seductive to lawyers. It is a new world, an evolving, alternative digital environment in which change can happen in the blink of an eye. Driven by the dramatic evolutionary combination of technology, devices, and communication networks, the metaverse offers human beings the opportunity to collaborate, transact, perform, argue, and create as has never been seen before in history. It enables our alternative selves.

There can be no doubt that from a business perspective, the metaverse is now a critically important consideration and influence. People exist there and there is money to be had. Deciphering the law pertaining to these new online environments and being able to guide, advise, and support companies and individuals who operate in them will require both a strong handle on centuries of legal precedent and a mind that is open to adapting and learning new legal skill sets. Our team at Reed Smith enjoys the benefit of one of the longest histories of any law firm; we have been leading advisers in the media sector for more than 100 years.

Download the Metaverse Report Here

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