The New Ultimate Jukebox Jukebox Jockey Media Player

Jukebox Jockey, a full-featured and highly configurable software application was developed by Tony Murphy and Jay Shoemaker. Released in 2009, it is a rewritten version of the Ultimate Jukebox. This advanced jukebox software builds on another application known as the Ultimate Jukebox is named as Jukebox Jockey Media Player and is a configurable software application for digital jukeboxes, video jukeboxes, karaoke machines and other media devices. The good news is that the Jukebox Jockey is now available for everyone and can be found at

This newly launched Jukebox Jockey Media Player is perfect for commercial use or for your personal enjoyment. It is just the right choice if you are looking to purchase jukebox software for a media center, kitchen, home game room, jukebox rental business, or use in a commercial venue. Jukebox Jockey works with a touch monitor, a keyboard and mouse, with custom buttons and switches, and is good for both party play and DJ use. With configurable views and menus, you can setup your jukebox the way you want. It will only display the sort options that you want to see in your jukebox software.

Jukebox Jockey is an amazing software application with unique features including pitch control, advanced system mixer, advanced cross-fading, limiter and dynamic amplification. It supports music and video files in all major formats including Karaoke files in MP3 +G and .zip formats. The multiple monitors can be configured with different displays. You can also organize, categorize and display your media in various ways. The amazing feature of request tagging allows you to keep check of who requested what. It supports operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, WV, AAC, ALAC, TTA, TTA (MKA), APE, OFR and MPC and video formats WMV, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4 and MKV.

This new Ultimate Jukebox software is currently used in bars, nightclubs and jukebox rental businesses. It is now available for everyone and can be found on A free trial of Jukebox Jockey Media Player can be found by visiting the website. Download the trial and experience the new Ultimate Jukebox first hand.

Browse through the website and check both professional edition and home use edition of Jukebox Jockey. With your purchase, you’ll receive access to all version 1 updates and support. Remember that it does not offer all the features of the Ultimate Jukebox. Before purchasing, download a 30 day free trial to make sure it has the features you need. Once you purchase this Ultimate Jukebox Software, you can activate the trial to the full version.

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