The Software Genius Showing How Lawyers & Others Can Use Webinars To Generate New Business

The Software Genius Showing How Lawyers & Others Can Use Webinars To Generate New Business

The use of webinars for lead generation and to develop new business has been an increasingly common tool in the business developer’s arsenal, but for many lawyers it has been something that has been relatively poorly understood.

However a new tool developed by a software entrepreneur Mario Brown has been released, which provides an answer to many of the obstacles facing the average law firm seeking to use webinars for legal marketing – the time involved and the relative technical knowledge required to use webinars to generate new business.

Mario Brown is a best selling author and software developer who has been featured in major news media globally for his products, business expertise and consultancy work.  His new webinar product is now available in a form that creates one of the most powerful products of its kind online.

Why Webinars Work

One of the reasons webinars work is that they permit lawyers to share their knowledge of the law.  They provide an alternative to the usual content creation or seminar speaking engagements.

Although there are many third party webinar platforms like GoToWebinar, Zoom and others, the ability to generate leads quickly and without the need for enormous time-involvement has been made simpler with the new Streamout software.

The key to a successful webinar for legal marketing involves the following 3 ‘success steps’ –

  1. A good webinar platform that permits attendees to submit their information, along with a clear idea of what they can expect from the seminar.  Often a guest interview will be involved, otherwise the use of a clear explanation of what you will be talking about is the key to attracting your audience.
  2. Send your message out to clients and prospective clients on your list.  Explain what you will be providing and login details and dates.  Use Facebook or Google advertising, your local media if necessary to promote your law seminar and attract registrations with a very clear explanation of what you’re offering.
  3. Conduct a good follow-up procedure so you can ensure the attendees can contact you and provide all the necessary contact details, free reports and anything else that will generate the leads you’re looking for.

The StreamOut Platform

One of the key advantages of the brand new Streamout software is its cost and effectiveness in permitting prerecorded videos and all the scheduling smarts that will permit webinar marketing for your law firm, together with autoresponder follow-ups and the other webinar benefits available on the ‘major’ webinar platforms.

Billing itself as “the world’s first MultiCasting & Live Streaming Solution With Full Blown Marketing & Client Conversion Features Built-In” the StreamOut platform provides a raft of key advantages for small or large businesses, law firms and other service and product providers who want the bells and whistles that go with a top-flight webinar platform and without the costs normally associated with them.

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Among the StreamOut advantages:

* Live stream on Facebook, Youtube & Twitch simultaneously
* Broadcast pre-recorded videos
* Live Scheduler
* Email reminders & follow up
* Autoresponder integrations
* Whatsapp and SMS reminders
* Browser notifications
* Invite participants & Waiting room
* Share your screen & camera
* Custom registration pages
* Read comments and share them on live screen
* Background, images and logo customization
* Lead generation through live
* Play custom videos during live
* Commercial license included
* And so much more…


The Software Genius Showing How Lawyers & Others Can Use Webinars To Generate New Business

The Software Genius Showing How Lawyers & Others Can Use Webinars To Generate New Business

Find out more about StreamOut with this free video introduction from its creator, Mario Brown.


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