The UK Knack Group Delighted Roadchef will create more than 400 new jobs

UK Knack Group has learned that Roadchef is going to increase their staff numbers by 20%. This will be viable due to a multi-million pound programme.

They announced the creation of more than 400 jobs as part of this investment programme intended to regenerate their whole estate within the next 5 years.
Within the next two years Roadchef will spend £12 million on renovating the catering facilities at ten of their key sites. Further improvements and upgrades at the rest of the service areas will take place afterwards.

The current number of staff Roadchef employs across the UK at their 19 motorway service areas is 2,000. It is expected that the regeneration programme and the hiring of new staff will increase the turnover of the company and drive their operational profits upwards by 13% within the next 5 years.

“Creation of jobs by private companies is what our economy needs, especially now that the Government has announced that more than 400,000 people will lose their jobs as part of the cuts”, said UK Knack Group Managing Director. “This is certainly an initiative that shows, although at a slow but steady pace, we are recovering from the recession”.

Simon Turl , CEO of Roadchef, said that the investment is the keystone of their improvement plan, the same that has been under development for the last two years. He also said that they are confident and ready to take Roadchef to the next level with this regeneration plan.

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