The UK Knack Group Ltd Comment on KPMG’s Announcement

In a recent announcement, KPMG- one of the big four Accountancy Firms in the world- have made public their plans to hire around 8000 people across Europe within the next three years. Of those 8000 new jobs, 3000 will be created in the UK. This increment will bring the total workforce operating in Europe to 38000 and in the UK to 14000.

The UK Knack Group Ltd believes KPMG’s recent announcement confirms what we have been experiencing first hand, that the job market is set to rise. This is reflected by KPMG’s new recruitment plans, the most prestigious and important Accountancy firms in the world” said the managing director of this well known recruitment company.
Global accountancy firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and KPMG have seen an increase on the demand for their services because more manufacturing and financial companies look for their professional advice on how to reduce costs and restructure their businesses, as a consequence of the current economic crisis.

But KPMG is not the only one announcing a significant growth. Deloitte, the largest Accounting Firm of the “Big Four” have announced they are planning to invest around £629 million within the next five years. Nearly half of this investment will go to emerging markets such as Brazil, India, China, and Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and £189 million to the creation of Deloitte University in Texas (Dallas).

Deloitte currently employs 170,000 people and they are planning to increase the number of staff to 225,000 within the next five years.
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