This group of experienced senior in-house counsel offer advice and …

This group of experienced senior in-house counsel offer advice and guidance to enhance the value of the professional services provided by the Corporate Counsel Forum to its in-house members, to encourage outreach to in-house counsel around the globe and to provide leadership to the legal profession as a whole. Members include:
Carl Belding, Vice-President and General Counsel, IBM EMEA & Vice-President and Assistant General Counsel, S&D, IBM Corp, Paris
Peter Bevan, Executive Vice-President and Group Legal Counsel, BP plc, London
Rupert Bondy, General Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline, Brentford
James E Brumm, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, Mitsubishi International Corporation, New York
Keith Clark, Managing Director and International General Counsel, Morgan Stanley, London
Bruno Cova, Lead Counsel to the Administrator of Parmalat SpA, Parm
Jan Eijsbouts, General Counsel and Director of Legal Affairs, Akzo Nobel nv, Arnhem, The Netherlands
John Frank, Deputy General Counsel Microsoft, Redmond, Washington
Hans Peter Frick, Senior Vice-President and Group General Counsel, Nestlé SA, Vevey
Alberto Gonzalez-Pita, Vice-President, International Legal and Regulatory, BellSouth International, Atlanta, Georgia
Henry Z Horbaczewski, Senior Vice-President and General Counsel,
Reed Elsevier Inc, New York
James Jackson, Vice-President and Associate General Counsel, Philip Morris International, Lausanne
Kirsi Komi, Vice-President, Legal, Nokia, Helsinki
Charles Lawton, General Counsel, Rio Tinto, London
William Lytton, Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, Tyco, Princeton, New Jersey
Jean-Claude Najar, General Counsel and Director of Government Relations, GE Oil & Gas, Florence
Eva Persson, Senior Vice-President & General Counsel, Volvo, Gothenburg
Thomas Sabatino, General Counsel, Baxter, Deerfield, Illinois
Elpidio Villarreal, Counsel, Litigation and Legal Policy, General Electric, Fairfield, Connecticut
Steven Williams, General Counsel, Unilever, London
The IBA is the true global voice of the legal profession and plays a unique role as the intersection between in-house counsel and private practitioners supporting international business clients, according to Jan Eijsbouts, Chair of the Corporate Counsel Forum Advisory Board. We look forward to working closely with our colleagues in other regional and national in-house counsel organizations to complement and encourage their efforts to provide benefit to in-house counsel around the world.

The Advisory Board will advise and make recommendations to the Corporate Counsel Forum in fulfilling its two major functions:

To serve a central role in policy making, both within and outside the Association, so that the in-house aspects of and positions on major issues are presented; and

To serve as the discussion / activities platform for in-house counsel (at all levels of seniority and with geographic diversity), on substantive legal and managerial issues.
The goals of the Corporate Counsel Forum complement and enhance the aims of the entire Association, stated Fernando Pelaez-Pier, Chair of the IBA’s Section on Business Law. We are extremely pleased that in-house counsel of this high caliber has joined the Advisory Board; we will benefit from their expertise.

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