Three Scanning options make Program to Extract BKF Files Perfect

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 02, 2011: – Re-informing users about three different modes to scan corrupt BKF files with BKF repair tool that has Program to Extract BKF Files. This feature of multiple ways to scan BKF files proves to be a blessing for time pressed users as quick, deep and partial scanning system is provides results on the basis of time taken. Opting for quick scan option, users will be able to perform the process within fraction of time but with no guarantee of complete recovery of backup files whereas deep scan selection enables users to perform advanced BKF recovery as it aids in scanning of all BKF files. Partial scan option has been introduced for those users who want only selected files to get scanned and recovered. QDRT(Quick Data Recovery Technology) supported by this software that recognizes the size of data and helps users to speedily recover corrupt BKF files accordingly to ensure numerous files get recovered at a time. Free demo version for the program to extract BKF files is provides so that the users can have a close look to the features of the tool that has three different means to scan corrupt BKF files.

About this, Evan Swan says: “For Windows backup recovery, users have different choices as there might not be the requirement to recover all BKF files. That is why the BKF Recovery software has been facilitated with three different modes of scanning, providing program to extract BKF files and answering user’s enquiries in best possible way of how to recover corrupt BKF files.

Lab Director, Allegan states: “Users always prefer a tool that offers varied verity and our software for VERITAS backup recovery and NTBackup repair comprises of three different ways of scanning BKF files that ensures glancing over of corrupt BKF files according to users’ requirement.”

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