Tiana’s Kind Words For Todd Muller

Tiana's Kind Words For Todd Muller 2

Tiana's Kind Words For Todd Muller 9

The shock resignation of National Party leader Todd Muller prompted Law Society President Tiana Epati to express support for his decision at an obvious time of crisis for the former leader.

Writing on LinkedIn Ms Epati sympathized with the pressures of leadership saying “I hope as a country we are supportive of a man who was honest enough, and brave enough, to let us know he was not ok.”

She referred to the courage required to make a decision such s that taken by Todd Muller.

“It takes great courage to put your personal health and whanau first when there is immense pressure to keep ‘fronting’. Leadership is hard in the face of constant criticism. Irrespective of anyone’s political views and opinions . . “

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