Tie-Up Between GCC Law Firm and China Firm Shows Increased MidEast Law Activity

LawFuel.com – MidEast Law Firm News – The increasing legal connections between the Middle East and China are displayed with a recent co-operation agreement signed by two significant law firms.

Hussain Lootah & Associates (HL&A) Law Firm, one of the GCC’s leading law firms, has signed a cooperative agreement with China-based Dacheng Law Offices (DLO), Asia’s largest law firm.

Under the terms of the agreement signed at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Island, both parties will lend each other’s clients expertise in establishing businesses, operating legally, and understanding the local business parameters and challenges faced by foreign companies in the GCC and China.

Collaboration, loyalty and information were among the commitments expected from the signatories.

The partnership will enhance legal representation in the legal firm’s respective countries and benefit the over 3,000 Chinese enterprises currently registered in the UAE that can opt for additional legal representation.

As the UAE’s second biggest trading partner, China stands to gain excellent competitive advantage and further strengthen commercial ties with the UAE through better access to legal services and support.

“Solid legal foundations and support have become essential to companies operating in foreign markets, given today’s highly competitive business environments,” said Ahmad Lootah, vice chairman, Hussain Lootah & Associates.

“Obtaining legal guidance and partnering with the right firm are critical, as the firm can offer exceptional experience, expertise and insights, backed by a strong reputation and extensive regional and global exposure.

“Hussain Lootah & Associates and Dacheng Law Offices have proven their mettle in servicing some of the world’s most challenging and promising markets. By consolidating our capabilities and setting mutually beneficial goals, we offer our respective markets the highest levels of legal excellence that can help them achieve their organizational goals and protect their corporate interests,” he continued.

“For our part, Hussain Lootah & Associates assures our new partner that our highly qualified team is more than capable of satisfying the needs of its clients and uplifting the DLO brand of legal service among our own customers across the Gulf. Our alliance will definitely have a positive impact on the quality of legal assistance provided in our respective regions,” added Lootah.

Xiao Jinquan, director of Dacheng Global Services Network, said: “Hussain Lootah & Associates brings a wealth of experience and deep understanding of UAE and GCC Laws, which are crucial in this partnership.”

“Our combined expertise will greatly help both Chinese and Arab business enterprises, investors and entrepreneurs to better understand the opportunities and overcome the challenges as they expand in foreign markets.

“Moreover, we expect trade and investment activities between China and its partners in the UAE and across the GCC to further expand, given that the UAE is already the largest Arab investor in China, while Chinese firms are increasingly securing high-profile projects in the region. This landmark Cooperative Agreement therefore aims to complement the robust business landscape and open more opportunities for mutual business growth,” Jinquan added.

Shi Wanlin, senior partner in Beijing and director of Dacheng Law Offices France, said: “We can find some of the world’s most dynamic commercial hubs within the GCC, which is why many Chinese firms have set up operations in this part of the world.

“On the other hand, many Middle Eastern firms are doing business in China to capitalize on its status as a rising global economic power. Our agreement with Hussain Lootah & Associates is a welcome development for companies building up robust legal support to ensure success within our respective regions.”

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