Tips for Lawyers on Making The Cut on Law Rankings

Tips for Lawyers on Making The Cut on Law Rankings

Law firm marketing is an ongoing battle, but the battle for the law marketplace has become harder as inhouse law departments do their comparison shopping for legal work.

Attorney at Law’s Elizabeth Lampert, who runs Elizabeth Lampert PR, along with Nigel Savage of Savage Communications, both of which assist law firms with their directory and research-based legal rankings work, wrote a contribution with their tips for getting into the rankings and directories successfully.

1. Follow the rules:  Submit only what is asked for and do so within the requested word count.

2. Know your deadlines: Begin each submission six weeks before it is due.

3. Send your nominations early: Your submission will be less likely to get lost in the last-minute rush.

4. Know the selection criteria of the list you are aiming for: If the publication wants a litigator, don’t offer up someone who rarely participates in trials, even if it’s the firm chairman, they advise.

5. Tell them what they need to know: Be as specific as possible about why the candidate should be included.

6. Link to good stuff: Include links to any media coverage on matters handled impacting the legal and business communities.

7. Back up your claims with quantitative facts: If you are talking about pro bono, for example, list attorney/firm hours and programs, contrasting them against national averages.

8. Give clients’ words a lot of time: For some directories, client references are as important as the submission, the authors say.

This contribution was from Law Technology News

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