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15 February 2012 – It can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle to perfect a covering letter to send with your application and CV to a potential employer. How should you start? What should you say? What should you leave out? Is the tone right? Are there any mistakes in it?

Adducology provide covering letter services, UK to their clients. They have professional writers who can help you make your letter perfect for its purpose. These professional writers will check your text for errors of punctuation, spelling and grammar. More than that, they’ll ensure your writing flows and that it sells you and your talents to your potential future employer.

So, what’s involved in writing a cover letter ?
First of all, the tone should be formal. Don’t sound too chatty and don’t make it too humorous! You may find that your would-have-been boss didn’t have the same sense of humour as you! Keep your tone polite and informative.
Make sure you know who you’re sending your letter to. It may never get to the right person, if you don’t know their name! Simply addressing it to the ‘Marketing Department’ or the ‘Personnel Department’ is too vague. Make a point of phoning the company before drafting your letter, to ensure you know the name of the person you should send your letter to, and how you spell his or her name.

In a management covering letter, or any other kind of covering letter, make sure you have found out about the company you are applying to. Ensure you’ve done some background research before writing your letter. Make sure you know what the company does, what it makes, what services it offers and find out about any recent developments within the company or organisation. Add a few key facts to your letter to demonstrate that you have some knowledge of this company.
Adducology can help you to fine-tune your letter to the area of work of your choice. They can help you devise a letter which will push all the right buttons for your potential future employer.

Finally, tell the company or organisation how you can benefit them. What do you have to offer? In what ways, can you enhance the company? Don’t be shy about writing about your skills and talents and how these skills and talents could impact upon and improve that company.

If you would like further advice on covering letter writing, please contact Adducology on 0800 61 22 92 1 or have a look at their website:

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