Top 11 Things to Do When Arrested on 4th of July

Top 11 Things to Do When Arrested on 4th of July
There are few people if any that plan or want to be arrested and yet it occurs everyday to people who thought they would never be on the wrong side of the law. Being arrested can and does happen to anyone, a few beers after work with the gang from work can put a person over the legal limit to drive. It could be that the people your out for the evening with do something stupid and because your with them you are now involved. In the end it does not matter what the reason the arrest happen for but rather how you handle the situation. There are certain things that you can do that will put you in a better position when it is time to face the police.

These are vital as a way of keeping things under control in what can be a tense and
upsetting situation.

1. Use Your Manners: In other words be polite to the police officer, it is their job and nothing more in most cases. By using your manners and being polite there is a chance you will not be arrested, if you are remain polite. It is an upsetting and stressful time and by voicing opinions it can make things worse, it can also make any time in custody more difficult for you.

2. Don’t Use Voice: this means do not talk; do not offer information that can be used against you. You do have the right to remain silent, remember that and use it to your advantage. The officers might even try luring you to offer information but do not. When it is time to go to court whatever you have said can be used in court, if you have said nothing then there will be nothing to use.

3. Submit To Alcohol Testing: If you are pulled over by the police for driving under the influence you will be asked to take a breath, urine, or blood test. In the case that you are not drunk submit to the testing and if you are drunk submit to it anyway because in most states it can be refused but at the cost of your drivers license. By refusing any testing you will be forfeiting your drivers license from months to a year.

4. Search Procedures: At the time of an arrest the police will search your person and often your vehicle or the area where you are at the time of the arrest. They perform searches to protect the officers from weapons that might be on a person, as well as illegal substances. In some instances it may not be clear what officers are searching for, however without having a search warrant they can not search other rooms in your home, or inside of baggage that has been seized during the arrest.

5. What To Do During A Search: Allow the police to do their job, do not make sudden movements and do not place your hands in your pockets. Remain calm, do not for any reason put up a fight or place your hands on a police officer.

6. Stay Quiet In Custody: If you are arrested do not make threats even if you are or know someone who is important that could make this situation easier. The police do not want to hear this and it could make the time you are being held more difficult.

7. Request An Attorney: At the time you are arrested you do have the right to request an attorney. Even if you cannot afford a lawyer, you still have the right to be represented; this means an attorney will be provided for you. Being represented by legal counsel will ensure that your rights are protected and they will also advise you what questions to answer as well as ones you should not answer. Never forget that anything you say without an attorney present can be used against you in court, so stay quiet when the attorney is not present. Another function that the attorney provides is to make deals with the prosecutor when you have broken the law and this is something you cannot do for yourself.

8. Protecting Yourself: When you are pulled over by the police memorized the officers’ name and badge number if possible. If there are any pedestrians in the vicinity ask them to observe, they should not interfere with what the police are doing or saying but observe. This can be helpful in the event that you need to make a complaint against the officer.

9. Resisting Arrest: Do not for any reason resist arrest, this is a mistake that will cost you, it will amount to extra charges for resisting arrest. Running from the police is basically admitting guilt, because someone who is innocent would not run. Even if you fear the police themselves or because they carry weapons, stay put, do not run and add charges to what you will already possibly be charged with.

10. Home and Felonies: If you have committed a felony and you are in your home the police cannot arrest you without first going to a judge. The police must convince this judge that they have enough evidence to arrest you for the crime in order to get a warrant. They can arrest you when you are in a public place without a warrant. When the police come to your door without a warrant stay inside, this allows you extra time that can be used to contact your attorney and avoid an invalid arrest.

11. Using A Line: Police often use lines to bait a person, it can be anything from having DNA evidence against you, having witnesses that will testify, an exorbitant amount of drugs in your home or the other person who was also arrested is talking and you will take the fall. These are ways to get you to talk and by saying anything it will be used against you in court. Keep quiet, do not talk and wait for your attorney to be present before saying anything.

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