A Top Barrister’s Tips For Aspiring Lawyers – (Or What Law School Doesn’t Teach You)

Gordaexall_barristern Exall is a leading Leeds and London-based barrister who took to his Twitter account with all the verve but none of the humour of Donald Trump – extolling aspiring lawyers of the merits (or lack thereof) of a life in the law.


In his ‘life of the long-distance barrister’ #lawschool series of Twitter posts, barrister Exall recounted the problems and undisclosed issues relating to being at law school – compared to real life law.

Starting with being the only one on the platform he tweeted:

  1. exall2
    A Top Barrister's Tips For Aspiring Lawyers - (Or What Law School Doesn't Teach You)

And so too is the long distance attempts to arrive at court on time – albeit occasionally late:


Timetable frustrations:

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