Toyota Injury Attorney at Ehline Law Discusses the Prius, Lexus and Toyota Recalls

Previously, Ehline had predicted that the recent Toyota recall would end up going worldwide. He was right. Yesterday that announcement was made.

Toyota has been under fire recently, the problems that have plagued the automaker during the last six months with the first of the recalls in October 2009. Ehline Law, Toyota injury lawyer, had previously discussed that the October recall included 4 million vehicles that had an accelerator defect with the floor mats becoming trapped and causing unintended speed. Then in January there was another announced recall by Toyota that affected 2.3 million vehicles for a different accelerator defect that involved the pedal system. Yesterday a worldwide Toyota recall was issued.

Prior to that, the most recent recall involved approximately 150,000 vehicles in North America; this recall was issued stating that the Toyota automaker needs to update the software in the anti-lock braking system. Vehicles are designed to engage and disengage immediately when the brake system senses tire slippage. This is the function of the ABS system giving drivers better braking control on wet and slippery surfaces.

According reports by owners and drivers of the 2010 Prius and the 2010 Lexus HS 250h the ABS system does not work as should on these vehicles. These vehicle owners have reported that when the breaks are applied on slippery or rough surfaces the brakes work inconsistent or slow, rather than maintaining tire traction.

February 4th the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had as many as 124 complaints about the Toyota ABS braking system and two injuries involving this issue in their database. This week there are over 900 complaints with 6 injuries related to this defect that includes one of the most recent recalled vehicles.

Experts are stating that there is a time lag in the affected vehicles braking system as it switched into the anti-lock brake mode. There should be no time lapse during this switch according to the experts. The models of vehicles that have been sold that Toyota has issued the recall for software upgrades will now need to be installed at dealers.

The recalls that have been registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have been increasing daily, along with the latest recall is adding to the growing concern about the safety of Toyota’s vehicles. The complaints range from concerned owners to the complaints that fatal accidents involved one of the vehicles that have been recalled.

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