Try Airbrush Self Tanning Spray By Sunlabs For Ultra Dark Tan

As stated by the Center for Disease Control, exposure to high levels of ultraviolet rays can cause a number of skin problems including cancer. In order to combat this harm, a system called ultra dark airbrush tanning by Sun Laboratories is available. The product helps in achieving the same glow without letting skin experience the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiations. Not only does the spray tan allow easy application, it also makes the application even, quick and convenient.

Ultra Dark airbrush self tanning spray by Sun Laboratories uses an FDA approved chemical known as DHA (dihydroxyacetone). This active ingredient is actually a derivative of sugarcane and it is combined with other harmless products to give your skin the color tinting effect. The accompanying ingredients in the product are mixed in different levels to achieve the desired amount of darkness.

Airbrush tanning is usually done by making use of a specialized spraying mechanism. The process can be compared with that of a paint sprayer. Because of the spraying mechanism, the application is even throughout the body and it is possible to apply spray at hard-to-reach areas also.

Ultra dark airbrush self-tanning spray by Sun Laboratories work when DHA present in the product reacts with proteins that are present in the form of amino acids on the outermost layer of skin. The DHA reacts with melanin skin and changes the color of skin’s outer layer to give a tanned look. The whole process does not harm your skin like in the case of ultraviolet methods.

Sunlab’s Ultra Dark airbrush self tanning spray has been specifically designed to produce the best and most convincing natural looking tan. It is a great product that can be applied safely and quickly at the same time eliminating the harmful effects caused by the sun or any other UV therapy.

These ultra dark tanning products is known for its versatility and it can be applied by even those people who have never tanned naturally. Anyone who applies this product will see stunning results as this is a virtually odorless product.

Ultra dark airbrush self tanning spray by Sunlabs dries instantly. However, the product may take time to absorb into the skin. Therefore it is recommended that you avoid shower or bathing for a minimum of two hours after applying the spray. For best results, you should not shower until the morning after taking the treatment.

You must also avoid exercise and excessive sweating before taking your first shower after your first Ultra dark airbrush self tanning treatment. If the bronzer washes off while taking your shower, do not be surprised as this is a part of tanning process. For best results, apply a good moisturizer or sun block cream.

To maintain your tan for longer amount of time, you can apply Tan Moisturizer Maintainer by Sun Laboratories. For information about Ultra dark airbrush self tanning visit the website


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