Tudor Clee

Tudor Clee

The Unconventional Barrister

New Entrant

There’s not a lot that’s conventional about Tudor Clee or his practice, but there is no denying his ability to achieve headline-making cases including his representation over the government’s egg-on-face handling of journalist Charlotte Bellis’ return to locked-down New Zealand, nor the takedown of QCs Paul Wicks and John Dixon in the political donations case involving New Zealand First.

An inveterate traveller he operates a website focused on both his travels and his focus on helping children to understand the world we live in.  Once saying he was the most requested defence lawyer in New Zealand he ran the largest litigation practice in the country by case load, handling more legal aid cases than anyone, working 85 hours a week.

Now working on private client work, his success on the political donation scandal elevated his profile further and demonstrated a capacity to deal with politically sensitive and complex litigation, as much as the legal aid work that once saw him as the ultimate ‘car boot’ lawyer and ‘The King of Crime’.

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Tudor Clee
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