Tweeting Their Way To A New Law Firm

Tweeting Their Way To A New Law Firm

Tweeting for lawyers is something only some can deal with adeptly, but for KMR Law Group Twitter actually started their successful law firm.

The Chicago-based law group started two years ago with three African American lawyers Keli L. Knight, Jessica B. Reddick and Yondi K. Morris, and was commenced with a tweet from a frustrated Morris.

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The three women met at a café and on a napkin devised a plan to create their new law firm, facing numerous challenges, not the least being taken seriously in a field dominated by men.

Being young in this industry they faced a few challenges, such as people assuming they did not have enough experience and people assuming they lacked professionalism because of their ages. This dynamic female trio overcame these challenges as they began to focus on the future of their legal business.

Knight, Morris, and Reddick are businesswoman as well as lawyers, having also started a legal staffing business and looking towards the building of a firm with offices on both coasts.

The important point too is that they have enough self belief to develop their own business based on their aspirations to build a business that not only suits them, but also helps set themselves as an example to both African Americans seeking to build a professional business and to anyone wanting to follow their dreams.  Law, after all, is a business like any other at the end of the day and requires the same motivation and focus.

KMR Law Group prove that beyond doubt.  And Twitter got them going.



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