UK company debuts generative-AI platform in Australia, envisioning quantum advancements in digital ad campaigns

Public AI’s step forward in Australia: Introducing a thoughtful approach to AI-assisted ad-creation

Sydney, August 16, 2023 – Public AI, a generative AI technology company, today announces the launch of its flagship ad-creation platform in Australia. The platform enables marketers to re-imagine their ad strategies from ideation to production, introducing a quantum leap in the efficiency, personalisation, and effectiveness of programmatic display campaigns.

Based on partnerships with Google, Yahoo and The Guardian Media Group, the team has a wealth of publisher and brand case studies across the UK, Europe, India, and The Americas.

Adam O’Neill, Australia Country Director at Public AI said “We’re committed to helping accelerate visual brand storytelling at a time when mobile dominates our attention and touch interactions”

“As an industry we’ve focussed so intently on the programmatic plumbing and personalisation that we forgot about the creative that feeds this ecosystem” said Mr O’Neill. 

Creators can use a Chat GPT-style prompt to build an array of visual experiences that explore current or uncharted brand territories and strategies. The platform features proprietary algorithms that create and optimise ads for the best visuals, copy, size, or product mix, while matching the best performing variations with the unique signature of each impression.

Public AI’s proprietary algorithms, enhanced by autonomously-deployed Brand Lift studies, transparently expand the platform’s datasets and prediction models to help inspire, entertain and convert audiences at unprecedented scale.

The platform is looking to redefine the boundaries of creative exploration in display advertising by empowering brands to exponentially grow the possibilities of creative ideation, always anchored in a dedication to fine-crafted quality and compelling interactive experiences. The technology is designed to pinpoint compelling angles and concepts that brands may not have considered otherwise.

“Conventionally, iterative experimentation – pivotal in shaping user experiences for technology pioneers like Google and Meta have been out of reach for marketers. Constraints in resources, technological prowess, and the complex orchestration of even a single experiment rendered this approach inaccessible outside of these walled ecosystems.” said Mr O’Neill.

The radical shift from traditional ideation to a rapid, expansive discovery process injects an extraordinary degree of depth and diversity into marketing which has primarily focused on data and performance while overlooking the impact of creative messages and quality visual formats. 

Defying the prevalence of social-display and content-free copycat formats that erode trust and degrade user experience, Public AI is devoted to enabling high-value brand experiences that entertain, inspire and convert audiences at scale, combining both creative and performance excellence.

“As the name suggests, the platform features extensive data and analytics, enabling media buyers to accurately predict performance across a number of digital formats. Creative and context are ultimately the key differentiators in an industry overwhelmed with data and personalisation” added Mihai Fanache, CEO at Public AI.

Currently operating under an invite-only model, the company works closely with select brands, agencies, and media owners. These partners benefit from the platform’s unique commercial solutions and advanced trading capabilities, all while maintaining  the highest standards of design, brand safety, privacy and data protection.

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