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On February 26th 2009 the Court of Appeal in London delivered a crushing blow on several major banks which appealed against the decision of the High Court ruling that charges can be assessed by the Office of Fair Trading.

The Judges threw out the banks’ appeal stating that overdraft charges and other fees imposed on customers can be assessed under the test of fairness. It is a huge victory for the consumer as millions of customers had been awaiting higher court decisions on the issue for some time.

The Judges also refused to give the banks leave to appeal to the House of Lords. It is hoped that the banks will throw in the towel and start offering refunds. However, it is likely that the banks will appeal to the House of Lords directly which will ultimately be the final leg on this long running battle.

Regardless of whether the banks decide to still grind this saga out for another 6 months, the decision of the Court of Appeal is a comforting one. Consumers had been worried that the Courts would side in favour of the banks in difficult financial times but the Judges were emphatic in their decision.

The Office of Fair Trading will no doubt begin to look at the charges and finalise its report. It is unlikely that anyone will now take much notice into what the banks wish to do next.

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