Understanding the Need for Legally Banning Flavored Vapes 

Understanding the Need for Legally Banning Flavored Vapes  2

Ben Boman* When the world needed to get rid of tobacco products in the first place, flavored vapes entered the market to upset things a little more. These vapes became an alternative to traditional tobacco products like cigarettes. 

The various flavors these vapes come in helped popularize them to millions. The flavors and scents infused in these vapes help mask the odor of nicotine you get from smoking cigarettes. It helped boost the sales of these products, especially to a younger audience. 

The smell of nicotine would give away the fact that anyone had just smoked a cigarette. This became a problem for many, particularly for the younger generation, who would do their best not to get caught smoking. With flavored vapes, they no longer had to deal with this problem. 

Of course, these vapes are still harmful, which is why there are frequent discussions between concerned authorities to have them banned completely.  

In 2019, Massachusetts became one of the first U.S. states to pass legislation that banned the sale of all flavored tobacco products, including vape. The top Boston lobbying firms came together to put an end to the sale of vaping products in the state. The efforts of these lobbying firms in Boston, MA, highlighted the importance of such policies. 

This lobbying firm in Boston, MA, along with other top lobbying firms in Boston, came together to put an end to the sale of vaping products in the state.

A similar approach must be taken for other parts of the U.S. since vaping is in no way a healthy pastime. 

Why There’s a Need to Legally Stop the Selling and Distribution of Flavored Vapes

There’s a need to legally stop or at least restrict vape sales and distribution for several reasons. However, most of these reasons are health-related. 

Let’s explore some of the more dangerous health reasons why the selling of vaping products should be legally put to a stop. 

Increases the Risk of Children Getting Addicted

The flavors can be appealing to children and easily get them addicted. The idea of smoking and not smelling like cigarettes and getting caught is indeed a fascinating one. However, most of these children are unaware that vaping can get them addicted to nicotine as well, just like cigarettes. 

Using nicotine during adolescence gets these kids addicted to the substance. Since a lot of vapes contain high amounts of nicotine, vaping can easily cause them to get dependent on this chemical. As a result, they’ll continue vaping as a means to quench this dependency. Many might even pick up cigarettes once they get addicted to vaping since cigarettes contain higher nicotine doses compared to most vapes. 

Can Lead to Asthma and Lung Damage

Like cigarettes, vaping, too, can cause a lot of health problems. Asthma and lung damage are two of the most common problems caused by vaping. 

Vape juice and e-cigarette liquids use chemicals like diacetyl, acrolein, and formaldehyde. These chemicals cause irritation in your respiratory system and also lead to inflammation. They also damage your airways and can decrease your lung function to a great extent, especially if you vape for a long time. 

On top of that, vaping aerosol contains harmful heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. These contribute to a wide range of respiratory problems, including asthma. 

The Risk of Cancer Remains

Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer. However, many think that vaping can’t cause cancer. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even with vaping, the risk of cancer remains. 

Vaping doesn’t cause cancer directly. At least, that’s what studies suggest for now. However, the chemicals found in vape juices and the aerosol produced by vaping do contain various harmful chemicals that are responsible for causing cancer. 

Formaldehyde, for example, can damage your DNA strands and even cause them to mutate. Such mutations can lead to cancer at some point. 

Vaping Devices are Often Prone to Explosions 

Vaping devices are electric gadgets with batteries. They are prone to explosions under different circumstances, including:

  • If the battery leaks
  • If the juice pod leaks into the battery
  • If the coil burns out and damages the battery
  • If the battery malfunctions
  • If the battery is not charged properly

Having established all that, it’s evident why so many people are concerned about vaping and are eager to have it legally banned. 

The best lobbying firms in Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, and various other cities across the U.S. are working with the concerned authorities to try and put an end to vaping once and for all. If not a permanent ban, these lobby firms are trying to limit vape usage and restrict young people’s access to it.

Only time will tell how things will pan out in the legal sphere for vaping and e-cigarettes in the future. 

Author: Ben Boman is a LawFuel contributor

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