Universal Programmer Performs Poor Pin Contact Check

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has announced the availability of its universal programmer supporting most compilers in JEDEC compliant format including ABEL, CUPL, PALASM, TANGO, PLD, OrCAD PLD, PLD Designer and ISDATA. It offers a 48-pin ZIF socket with universal drivers and supports more than 28000 IC devices. This universal programmer automatically identifies the manufacturer and type of EPROM and also identifies TTL/CMOS logic IC device insertion. The programmer also conducts a poor pin contact check.
This compact universal programmer, model VP790, accepts standard file formats such as JEDEC, INTEL (Extended) HEX, HOLTEK, EMC (CDS), INTEL HEX16 and Motorola S record. It features test vector capability and a multi-array fuse map editor. The VP790 starts programming automatically upon detection of chip insertion in auto-run mode. It connects to a computer via USB port and manages the 16bit and 32bit word spilt under Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista operating systems. In addition, universal DIP, PLCC, QFP, TSOP, PSOP, SOIC, SSOP, SDIP adapters are available for this advanced programmer.
For sales inquires please contact:
1-877 585-9555 ext. 601 – Toll Free (USA & Canada)
1-416 292-0038 ext. 601 – All Other Areas
About GAO Embedded
GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) is a leading provider of embedded development tools that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.

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