US Attorney Statement on Conviction of ‘We Build the Wall’ Promoter Timothy Shea

A Unanimous Jury Has Found Shea Guilty of a Scheme to Defraud Thousands of Donors to the Crowdfunding Campaign “We Build The Wall” of Over $25 Million


            “Timothy Shea and his co-defendants orchestrated a crowdfunding scheme to purportedly raise funds to erect a border wall between Mexico and the United States.  We Build The Wall’s public campaign promised that 100% of the funds raised would be used to build the wall, which induced over 100,000 victims to donate.  Shea and his co-defendants lied.  And they stole over $25 million from their victims.

            Months ago, this Office stated our belief in the powerful and compelling evidence that showed Shea’s guilt.  Today, a unanimous jury has convicted Shea on all counts in the indictment.  I commend the prosecutors of this Office for their perseverance in ensuring justice was done.”


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