US Attorneym Delivers Remarks at Security Threat Intelligence Network Group ‘Educators Day’ in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS (LAWFUEL) – This morning United States Attorney Troy Eid delivered the keynote address at the Security Threat Intelligence Network Group’s “Educators’ Day” conference in Colorado Springs. The conference, which is being held at the Colorado Springs Marriott, includes public school teachers, law enforcement, judges and non-profit leaders from Southern Colorado.

U.S. Attorney Eid opened his remarks by addressing school violence generally, and the massacre at Columbine specifically. He then discussed in some detail his office’s efforts to combat violent gangs, including increasing the number of federal firearm cases (known as Project Safe Neighborhood) in Southern Colorado. Lastly, he reviewed the results of yesterday’s takedown by the Metro Gang Task Force and FBI of the “Asian Pride” street gang. Gang members were arrested in Metro Denver and Colorado Springs. The “Asian Pride” gang members and their associates were dealing tens of thousands of pills of a drug called Ecstasy (MDMA). Eid discussed the dangers associated with taking this illegal drug.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office has increased the number of criminal cases in Southern Colorado,” Eid said. “Although more needs to be done. Southern Colorado is a fast growing area that is underserved by law enforcement. Generally, law enforcement is not keeping pace as a public priority. People need to speak out to show leaders that they are concerned about law enforcement issues.”

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