Valiant Chandler DUI Attorney Is Available To Protect And Fight For Your Rights – DUI Law News – If for any reason you were pulled over by an officer because they suspected that you were driving while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, your driving privileges as well as your freedom are in jeopardy. In this situation, it is vital that you contact a Chandler DUI Attorney to help you as soon as you possibly can following your arrest, by visiting A Chandler DUI Lawyer is the only person available that will be able to provide you with the aggressive representation you need to protect your rights and your freedom and these types of cases.

A Chandler extreme DUI attorney is available at the Thompson Law Firm, as DUI attorney Christy Thompson has helped Arizonans for more than 15 years that have been arrested for DUI in the East Valley. She understands that far too many things can go wrong when it comes to DUI arrest. Officers can make mistakes in their assumption that you were driving while intoxicated due to dangerous road conditions or inclement weather.

In addition, she understands that an officer may take a pre-existing condition that you may have, such as an allergy, and use it against you, because it contributed to your erratic driving. Field sobriety testing also requires certain physical demands and some people simply cannot do. Breath testing equipment can malfunction, and blood test evidence may be inaccurate.

Regardless of your DUI arrest, a Chandler extreme DUI lawyer is available to help you, because they will thoroughly research your case to find any instances where police violated their own procedures in field sobriety testing, as well as your rights. Every opportunity to get your DUI charges reduced or even dismissed altogether will be explored. Your Chandler DUI attorney understands the extraordinary challenges you face when it comes to DUI case, including jail time, fines, loss of your drivers license, loss of your job and so much more.

It is vital that you keep your driver’s license and that you keep your reputation intact, so you can continue to provide for yourself and your family. Regardless of the DUI offense that you have been accused of, including basic DUI, drug related, out-of-state, aggravated, repeat, underage or extreme DUI, Christy Thompson is there to help you. She can help you in every aspect of your DUI case, including DUI defense processes, motor vehicle proceedings and in every aspect, protecting you and your rights under Arizona law.

Available at, Christy Thompson is very well known and respected, has an excellent grasp of the law, and firmly believes that your rights and her reputation for getting the best results speak for themselves. Available throughout Arizona’s East Valley, the Thompson Law Firm is available to help you immediately. If you have been arrested and accused of DUI, it is vital that you contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as you possibly can to help you protect your rights.

In addition to their website, the Thompson Law Firm can easily be reached by telephone at 888-496-7764, where you will be able to schedule your free consultation. You can also visit them in person at offices located in Gilbert, Scottsdale and Chandler to help serve you better.

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