Vayu Media LLC Uses A Powerful SEO Strategy To Help Promote Local Businesses

The Atlanta SEO Company, Vayu Media LLC, unleashes the power of using reciprocal links as an effective SEO strategy in link building

Atlanta, GA – September 9, 2010 — Vayu Media LLC is helping its clients across the globe maximize their revenue potential and return on investment (ROI) by harnessing the power of reciprocal links as part of the process of link building. The simple process of linking one website to another using back-links has revolutionized local Internet marketing strategies. Using Reciprocal links to promote the products and services of an online business is a white hat SEO technique. Vayu Media LLC has used this mode of organic search engine optimization to give local businesses a much-needed impetus.

Using an intelligent and analytical approach, this Atlanta SEO agency has taken the tricky, dynamic and highly competitive search engine positioning service by storm with its reciprocal link technology. Businesses that have needed local SEO services have been neglected for years due to the lack of insufficient funds to promote their businesses and establish a stronghold in the international market. Vayu Media LLC has changed this situation radically by using reciprocal links to promote businesses.

“Our company’s focus is local online business marketing and web design services to reach local customers. We get out into the market place and consult with local businesses face to face to make local business owners aware of the opportunity that exists online,” says Jennifer Dunphy of Vayu Media LLC.

About Vayu Media:

Vayu Media LLC helps business owners who still use traditional media marketing modes, understand the underlying importance of creating a roadmap for their online marketing strategy.

Media Contact:
Jennifer Dunphy, Vayu Media LLC, (800) 456-1563, or visit

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