Victorian Style with a Complete Redesign of Company’s Office

The management of is absolutely confident that their company cannot be compared to any other custom writing service due to the wide range of company services and academic grades writers possess. But amidst all other differences that distinguish and its counterparts there is one detail that cannot be appraised, counted or evaluated — it is the treatment of company administration to its writers. To further stress this distinction, decided to surprise its writers with new comfortable offices.
The complete redesign was accomplished right in time to coincide with the end of three week long vacation custom writers acquired after the last high academic season. Apart from new soundproof walls every writer gained a new spacious table, a comfortable armchair with natural leather upholstery and a table lamp with a lampshade of soft fabric.
“I am astonished, just astonished…” one of the writers shares her emotions. “I had several photos and pictures there… You see, they hung them upon the very same spot though the walls are new. And the wallpaper… it seems they knew I was a fan of Victorian era!”
Though the complete overhaul of the office was arranged less than a month ago, the company’s Quality Assurance department has already noticed the increased efficiency of the writing process.
Additional information on the company’s events and offers can be found at website or through the live support team accessible online 24/7. is a custom writing company that offers the services of expert academic and business writers in several major fields such as writing the drafts of academic papers and business documents, conducting thorough research and investigations, editing already written papers and adjusting them to the specified style.

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